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How To Invest in Oil Wells

Cannon Operating Company, LLC offers industry level opportunities to the individual investor. Our job is to help you increase your wealth, educate you on how to evaluate a project and create, as well as maintain a strong foundation for the energy sector of your investment portfolio. We pride ourselves on offering low risk projects to the individual by being very methodical in our hydrocarbon recovery efforts. Cannon makes the initial investment before asking for a partnership of the individual, by proving up a proposed reservoir by using several precise scientific methods. This is due to the fact that we have a fiduciary responsibility to our partners in putting our best foot forward with respect to your investment.

Oil Well Investments

Cannon Operating is an oil and gas exploration company founded in response to the current market’s stagnant status and instability. Protruding from a market that’s clouded in a haze by over promoted projects and wildcat operations, Cannon Operating is set upon setting itself aside from these types of ventures. The principals of Cannon strongly believe that domestic hydrocarbon exploration projects are the fundamental defense from which Americans can free themselves from the grasp of foreign oil. While prompting our potential partners to do their due diligence on us, we as a company prompt ourselves to do our own due diligence on the land we intend to allow partnership in. A well that Cannon couldn’t see fit in its own portfolio will surely not end up in yours.

The strategy of Cannon as a company is to acquire virgin hydrocarbon properties proven up by modern science and provide successful revenue developing prospects to our clients and ourselves.