Cannon Operating Company is an owner operator you want to partner with to drill oil wells
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Owner Operator specializing in domestic drilling opportunities

    Investment in domestic drilling opportunities can not only earn a great return but it can provide you great tax benefits.
    Our team is based in Garland, Texas and has proven success and over 100 years combined in the oil and gas industry.
    We currently have drilling prospects open for partnerships and would be happy to discuss opportunities to work with you.
    Our global energy consumption is dependent on oil production and local drilling is America's way to energy independence. We currently own and operate wells in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Kansas.
    We are always interested in reviewing future prospects. Please submit new prospect information to and we will get back to you within 5 days with further information on our interest in working together

About Us

Cannon Operating Company, LLC is an oil and gas exploration and production company founded to take advantage of current market conditions and the need for domestic oil production. Protruding from a market that’s clouded in a haze by over promoted projects and wildcat operations, Cannon Operating sets itself aside from these types of ventures. The Cannon team strongly believes that domestic hydrocarbon exploration projects are the fundamental defense from which Americans can free themselves from the grasp of foreign oil and unstable market reactions. While prompting our potential partners to do their due diligence on us, we as a company ensure we do our own due diligence on the land we intend to allow partners to develop with us.  A well that Cannon couldn’t see fit in its own portfolio will surely not end up in yours.
Our strategy is to acquire virgin hydrocarbon properties proven up by modern science and provide successful revenue developing prospects to our clients and ourselves.  We work to find proven and trustworthy partners in the field to help us deliver success.
Cannon Operating offers industry level opportunities to individual investors. Our philosophy is to help our business partners increase wealth and become better educated on how to evaluate a project. We work to create and maintain a strong foundation within the energy sector of your investment portfolio.  We pride ourselves on providing low risk projects to individuals by being very methodical in our hydrocarbon recovery efforts and our vast preplanning. Cannon makes the initial investment before forming a prospect by proving up a proposed reservoir using several precise scientific methods. Attention to detail and extensive due diligence is crucial as we have a fiduciary responsibility to our partners with respect to their investment in projects we develop.  We work to build long term relationships and business partners.
Cannon Operating is based just outside Dallas in Garland, Texas.  We are comprised of a group of people with vast experience in oil and gas operations and financial markets.  We are also a close knit group that looks to find compatible investment partners that share our beliefs in the need for American production of energy.  We are regionally located to the fields we operate and plan to work diligently in our neighboring states to develop new fields and better the performance in existing wells if we feel we can make a significant difference in output.

Our Recent Work

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    Shawnee Tank Batteries
  2. Shawnee #3 Pumpjack
    Shawnee #3 Pumpjack
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    Caddo Lake construction
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    Caddo Lake Pano
  5. Caddo Lake Prospect
    Caddo Lake Prospect
  6. Caddo Lake Prospect
    Caddo Lake Prospect
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Contact Us

Telephone numbers
tel 972.941.4218
fax 469.209.0780
We aim to respond to all emails within 2 business days.
3200 Broadway Blvd., Suite 520
Garland, TX  75043