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How To Invest in Oil Wells

Cannon Operating Company, LLC is here to help move America forward with energy independence by offering industry level opportunities to the individual investor. We have a proven track record of success and we understand that it’s our job to create wealth. Maintaining a strong foundation for the energy sector of your portfolio along with educating you on the enormous tax incentives while employing fellow Americans is our top priority. We pride ourselves on offering low risk opportunities via our methodical hydrocarbon recovery efforts. Cannon always makes the initial investment before seeking a partnership from individuals. We are rooted in transparency and understand our fiduciary responsibility to our partners by putting our best foot forward with regards to your investment. America can be energy independent, we plan on being a part of that vision for the long haul.

Oil Well Investments

Cannon Operating is an oil exploration company founded in response to America’s need for energy produced on American soil. Cannon Operating sets itself aside from wildcat operations, strategically planning our investments for a greater return. The principals of Cannon Operating strongly believe that domestic hydrocarbon exploration efforts are the first line of defense in freeing Americans from the grip of foreign oil. While encouraging our potential partners to do their own due diligence on our operations, we as a company aggressively evaluate the overall potential on the land we intend to allow partnership in. Cannon would never allow a sub-par well into our portfolio, much less yours.

Our strategy at Cannon is to acquire virgin hydrocarbon properties that have been proven via modern science to provide positive revenue for our partners and our Company.